A newly built home verses a pre-loved home - it's one of the first choices you might have to make when looking to buy property. Here are just some of the reasons why buying a new home direct from a builder or developer makes both financial and lifestyle sense.

Affordable and accessible

Older houses near the centre of town may not have the space you require, or the size of garden, or even proper parking spaces. Buy a new home in Ingersoll, and you'll have a spacious lot, with your own drive and garage if you wish, and still be only 5 minutes from everything you need.

Scenic locations and quiet roads

For all our new homes development sites, we work hard to preserve the natural beauty of the area, so you can enjoy it when you move in. For example, at Cloveridge, original trees have been preserved, along with a nature reserve and pond, which come homes even back onto. So you can have nature at your door, and neighbours by your side too.  Visit our new developments here: Cloveridge and Harris View



Most developments are carefully sited so that the access roads to your home are no through roads, so your street will never become a 'rat run' or short cut to anywhere. So, your kids can rollerblade, cycle, walk to see friends, or play in the front yard with no worries about heavy traffic or too many cars.

Ready to live in when you walk in

Ingersoll new homes are just that, brand new homes ready to live in when you get the keys. Unlike traditional housing stock or older homes, there is no renovation or maintenance to do when you arrive, no rewiring required or ancient heating to be fixed, everything works just perfectly. What's more, our developers offer a workmanship guarantee so if you do find any minor teething problems, they'll come and sort them out at no cost.

Customise your new home just the way you want it

Buying a new house before it's actually finished gives you the chance to customise it to your own requirements. You can specify your wall colours finishes, floor types, what bathroom suites you like, add a patio or even fit out the basement. And all that work will be done and finished when you move in, so you won't even have to lift a paintbrush!


Buying a new home offplan offers even more flexibility, as you can choose from a range of beautiful home designs, and customise further if you wish. So, your new home can have just as much individual character and features are an old house, but without the need for building work to make it suitable for your family's needs.

Energy efficient all year round

New homes are built to a strict energy efficiency code laid down by the Ontario government, so they are toasty warm in winter and cool in summer, and as eco-friendly all year round. So, you can save on energy and utility bills from the day you move in, at no extra cost.


To discover the exciting range of new homes in Ingersoll, why not Meet our developers or view some Ingersoll new homes plans?

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